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UNTILWEDIE! Inks Deal With Thumper Punk Records to Release Debut Album

The earsplitting rock n roll juggernaut that is Untilwedie! has officially joined Thumper Punk Records for the CD release of their self-titled album. UntilWeDie speaks Truth, love & convictions through their intense, heart pounding & unrelenting eleven songs & live performances. With musical influence stemming from ‘70s & ‘90s rock, & early punk rock roots, their tone & unbridled approach to heavy riffs, earth shaking rhythms & in your face vocals are sure to leave you desiring more. This is the band that finally successfully bridges MC5 with Ramones styled punk rock. Not to be missed for its guitar craftsmanship, positive message, and high energy!

UntilWeDie! features Murphy (vocals), Mark (drums), Joe (bass), and Chuck D (guitar). For CDs, contact the band through their website:

Thumper Punk Records ( will be jointly promoting UntilWeDie! with Glasgow, Scotland, based ZAP Records.

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