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DARRELL MANSFIELD Early Classic "Get Ready" Remastered on CD

"Get Ready" Remastered on CD from studio recordings - ORDER HERE

My 1980 album GET READY is now available on CD--remastered from studio recordings. The first 8 songs were originally released in 1980 on Polydor Records. The re-release of this album in 1992 included songs 9, 10, and 11. Now all my early albums are on CD for you! (ORDERS SHIP OUT THIS FRI-SAT!) TRACK LIST:

1 Get Ready 2 Mr. Rock 'N' Roll 3 Above The Water 4 Billy Joe 5 Heaven Southwestern 6 Never Be The Same 7 Power Of Love 8 Life Saver 9 Not Far Away 10 When The Curtain Falls 11 Flow Like A River Love you all! Darrell Mansfield for questions Darrell Mansfield website

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