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PLATOON 1107's Day of Anger, Part 2 (2nd release in 4 part series)

Platoon 1107 announces the release of Day of Anger, Part 2, the second of four EP releases chronicling the spiritual journey of one man. Part 2 focuses on questions of faith, and the sometimes un-understandable back and forth path that man takes between truth and denial following the loss of a beloved father in the first Day of Anger EP release. Part 2 combines six songs into a single track spanning seven minutes and twenty seven seconds of intensity and aggression. Day of Anger, Part 2, is a free download with separate tracks featuring the entire EP, a version without spoken interludes, and an instrumentals only version. Song listing:

1. Stonecaster

2. Los Bastardos

3. Dissonant Counterpoint

4. Father’s Day

5. Hermeneutics and Exegesis

6. Afterthought

All music, lyrics, vocals, guitar, bass, recording, mixing, and production by Jimmy Sisco. Interludes are taken from various public domain sources. Otherwise, copyright © The Sisco Kid Music (SESAC), 2018. All rights reserved. Available for free download at:

Thumperpunk Records

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