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This just might be the most unusual cd that Rottweiler has ever released, but it looks to be a wise investment. Unusual in that it covers several different styles of music- none of them being metal. John DeGroff was the original bassist for Petra, playing with them on the first 2 releases back in the 70's. Essentially this is DeGroff's solo album, and the bulk of the material is instrumental, with John Schlitt (later version of Petra) capably providing vocals on 3 songs. The songs are bass-centric, but DeGroff plays bass like lead guitar, so it makes for an interesting auditory ride. Stylistically, Salt flows seamlessly between classic rock, prog rock, and jazz. It's a throwback to the 70's, when prog rock giants King Crimson, Yes, Genesis, and ELP ruled the radio. Of the 3 songs with vocals, "Runnin'" and "I'm Your Man" have pretty repetitive choruses, but "From Yes to No and Back Again" is the stand- out song. While "Wish I Was a Child Again,""Silk and Cookies," and "Theme for a Perfect Day" might be tad too mellow and introspective for our metalhead brethren, the pace picks up with the jazzy rhythms of "Dave's Living Room" or the guitar heavy "Celebrity Squat Thrust" (that's one crazy song title!) There are acoustic guitars, organ, and even flute. Thankfully, the organ does not dominate, and the album flows well between styles and doesn't get stale. Would appeal to a wide range of tastes from Phil Keaggy or Lanny Cordola to King Crimson or Kerry Livgren. (Rottweiler Records) 3.5 out of 5 stars

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