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DARRELL MANSFIELD Remasters 'Higher Power' for a Short Run on CD

Dear Friends, Even though I'm not playing much anymore, I just want my music to keep being a blessing and minister to everyone. Thanks to all of you on Facebook who asked for this album to be re-manufactured. I originally released this album on vinyl in 1979. Now it's been digitally remastered. The most requested songs on this album were "Giver of Life" and "He Has Overcome" ...songs about redemption. Thank you.

TRACK LIST: 1. Children Don't Run 2. The Prize 3. That's All Right 4. He Has Overcome 5. No More Blues 6. Love Conquers All 7. Giver of Life 8. Every Night Every Day 9. Higher Power Share this with your friends and help get the gospel out! "The Giver of Life...He led me to Life." Love you all! Darrell Mansfield for questions

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