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Update from Darrell Mansfield

Thank you to everyone who has emailed me and messaged me over the past couple of years. I've been struggling with dementia, but I'm doing okay. God has been good to me. I appreciate all your notes, memories and testimonies you've shared. Thank you for your thoughts and your prayers.

I thank God for you all and for the ministry He has given me since the 70's, for the 40 albums and tours all over the world as a musicianary. I'm not doing shows or recording anymore, except once in a while, but my hope and prayer is that my music continues to be a blessing to you all though CDs, downloads and videos, and though what I share on my Facebook Page. I am putting just a few of my CDs back up for sale. And I'll do small runs of different CDs, so keep an eye out for my posts and emails. SEE BELOW. You can contact my manger, if you have questions. Love you all! Darrell Mansfield

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