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Guitarist BILL MENCHEN Releases New CD Freight Train Tracks

Christian Metal Distro is pleased again to be partnering with Bill Menchen to bring you his latest release entitled 'Freight Train Tracks' which is now shipping exclusively at Christian Metal Distro dot com. Get yours here, product is now available and shipping this week!


Brand new just released album from Bill Menchen of Titanic / Final Axe / Redeemer and more!

This is a great new release with a very eclectic mix of songs ranging the spectrum of metal, to hard rock and and even a ballad!

From Bill Menchen... "A ten song song album of various types of music from praise, to rock, to country rock, a slow song, and some experimental stuff."

Track Listing: 1. Aural Firmament 2. Sing 3. Glad 4. Railroad Song 5. Forsaken 6. Lifted Up 7. Songwronger 8. I can see 9. All Over Again 10. Freight Train

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