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GRAVE ROBBER- Escaping the Grave

The Prophets of punk -infused metal with a lyrical twist have returned!! Yes the reference is to the one and only Grave Robber!! After a long silence which could’ve been construed as an enforced silence of deathly proportions, Grave Robber has indeed been Escaping the Grave. Breaking the chains designed to hold the Frankenstein monster, the living dead have assembled to create another chapter in the Grave Robber tomb.

Wretched (Shawn Browning) with ghoulish support have provided another delicious morsel of musical Turkish delight. The lyrical twist is in full force again in such tracks as "Zombieland," "The Beast Within" and the delightful title track. If one doesn’t wish to dissect the deeper meaning of the lyrics, taking them as face value is an option as well. For me that has always been Grave Robber’s charm, how will some aspect of one’s Christian life be transformed into a classic horror film!! The Re-animator lives!!!

The production this time out is handled by the more than aptly abled somnambulist

Tim Bushong. With guitars that crunch and a driving bass that delivers punchy tones, the stringed instruments sound glorious. Jim Chaffin (Deliverance, The Crucified) provided assistance in regards to the drums and again he shines with a solid performance. Vocally, Wretched delivers another truly horrifying (get the pun) vocal performance which should have you ghouls jumping for joy.

Musically taking a page more from the Ramones than The Misfits this time, the melodies are memorable with a magical staying power. Just imagine Bela Lugosi looking into your eyes with his hand outstretched while saying “The Evil Dead… whooooa whoooa.” Hypnotized, you have no choice but to obey as those songs are embedded in your memory to do their will. "Zombieland," "Into the Pit," and "The Night Evelyn Came out of Her Grave" leave a lasting impression that only a Svengoolie (or Svengali) can undue.

Clocking in at a shade less than 30 minutes these tomb raiders provide a wealth of musical enjoyment for those who have the courage to enter the domain of the living dead. Grave Robber again shows why they come out on top of the tilled earth. Escaping the Grave is an album that deserves your undivided attention and your hard earned money.

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