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NONPOINT FACTOR - Depression '94

Nonpoint Factor

In the distant past, the 1994 issue #49 of Heaven's Metal to be precise, Doug had this to say about Nonpoint Factor, his "pick of the litter" for that issue:

Nonpoint Factor

Of course, do not send your $5 for the obsolete tape now, but buy the upgrade. The mag liked it then, and we still do, and are glad a new generation of music lovers get the chance to enjoy this early classic. This is all thanks to the reissue efforts of Thrashback Records and their releasing of many great Florida based artists of yesteryear as part of the "Florida Metal Archive Series." The songs here were originally released on a cassette only release to get the word out about the band, and was limited to only 300 copies back in 1994.

Music was changing in the early years of 1990, and Nonpoint Factor's mixture of a hardcore/metal hybrid was becoming a hot commodity as the nu metal sound was emerging and finding itself at the time. The band consisted of Kermit on vocals, Robert Rivera on drums, Sam Mori on guitars, and Alexis Benitez on bass. Currently, drummer Robert Rivera is still active today, having moved on to a new style and direction, changing the name simply to Nonpoint, which are about to release their tenth album this year.

According to Wikipedia, Nonpoint got their name from the Believer track by the same name, featured on the 1990 release Sanity Obscure. However, the name seems attributed to the current singer (who has been with Nonpoint since 1997), yet it seems obvious that it originated years earlier during these Nonpoint Factor years.

Featuring six tracks, this reissue contains all five tracks (four studio, one live) from the original 1994 cassette, along with an earlier 1992 track. Eric Hoffman was involved with the band and these recordings back in the day, and has brought them new life by remastering them for this release. Superb packaging and sound makes this an overall great item that sounds even more amazing for what might be considered "demo" recordings of the past. Grab your copy today from Thrashback Records.

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