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Metal Bible News- April 2018

Good evening my friends, time for some news about the Metal Bible.

METAL BIBLE INTERNATIONAL - Organization for Metal Bible Mission!

Last Fall, my wife Ulrika "Hulda" Jonsson and I started Metal Bible International. With this new organization we can facilitate Metal Bible outreaches all around the world. It will also make it easier to collect donations for Metal Bible outreaches, doing reprints and printing it in new languages. So, in a nut shell, Metal Bible International is all about Metal Mission, so we can take the next step with the Metal Bible and reach out to more metalheads all around the world with the great message of Christ! Find out more on

Pray that Metal Bible International (MBI) will be all that God has planned and that Hulda and I will be open to God's will.


The Spanish edition is sold out, but we will print more as soon as we get the funds for it.

The Portugese version is moving forward. The text and layout is almost done. But now we need the money to print it. I believe it will be to a great blessing all over Brazil and Portugal and a tool to lead tens of thousands and maybe hundred of thousands metalheads to Christ! So we very much want to release it in Portuguse as quickly as possible, but we can't do it until we have raised the money for it. That is the sad truth. :(


To raise more money for Metal Bible mission we have printed very cool mouse pads and coasters with the Metal Bible logo on it. The mouse pad is a precision pad with excellent mouse control. The coasters (for mugs and glasses) are also very professional with high quality print and material. Please see what they look like in the attachments. By buying these merchandise and the Metal Bible Shirt you can show your support for the Metal Bible and make it possible for us to do more Metal Bible outreaches, reprint the Spanish edition and print it the Portugese and other languages. So it is not just cool stuff, but tools for Metal Mission! If you think the Metal Bible is a good thing, buying these merchandise is a great way to show it, that will make it possible to reach more people for Jesus all around the world!

You can order them from


This Spring/Summer there will be Metal Bible outreaches at Hell Fest, Wacken, Sweden Rock, Stockholm Metal Market and many more festivals and events. Pray that these outreaches will be all that God has planned and that God will fill each one participating in the outreaches with wisdom to do this in best possible way. Pray also for protection over us and what we have from all evil and that all evil forces trying to attack will be bound in Jesus mighty name. Pray that God's Holy Spirit will touch people and make them open to Jesus. Pray for many good coversations and that the Metal Bibles will be tools to lead many to a living relationship with Jesus. Keep us in your prayers - when we are out there on the frontline we are dependent on your prayers backing us up. Thank you so much for your support - it's invaluable!


Yes, we just started a Metal Bible Channel on Youtube. Feel free to check it out on

That is all folks! Be blessed & take care.

Johannes Jonsson

Founder of the Metal Bible and Chief of Metal Bible International


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