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Nokternal Hemizphear Update: ANTESTOR and MELECH Offerings

Take Your Stand Against the Devil's Schemes

(Ephesians 6:10-17)

Shipping Timeframes: Please note that we will not ship out orders between April 9th and April 16th. Orders placed prior to April 8th will ship out before the April 9th deadline. If you want your orders asap, please make sure you place your orders now (excluding any orders that contain pre-order items). Pre-Order Update: Thank you to all of you who have supported the awesome re-issue pre-orders of Antestor and Seventh Angel. We still have some of these titles available for pre-order. The month of April will be an extremely exciting time as we will see the release dates of Antestor "Kongsblod" and both Seventh Angel albums "The Torment" and "Lament for the Weary" become available. For those of you who have purchased pre-orders of either of these titles, please remain patient as we wait for them to arrive. Once these items are in-stock we will notify you and ship immediately. GET A LOAD OF THE PRE-ORDERS! Seventh Angel "The Torment" and "Lament for the Weary" CD/LP Pre-Orders: Check out the pre-orders further below. Please keep in mind that any pre-orders will take several weeks until we have them in our warehouse. We at Metal Helm are thrilled to be able to support these smashing re-issue versions (especially the VINYL) of what we consider cornerstone albums of the Christian scene. Kick-butt artwork and top-notch re-issue production worthy for your collection! Antestor and Melech Pre-Orders: Check out the pre-orders further below. Please keep in mind that any pre-orders from Nordic Mission will not be shipped to us at Metal Helm until after April 20th. Once items arrive, we will notify customers and ship orders. We are very excited about helping promote these two albums (CD and LP versions). Melech is superb and a much needed dose for the Christian realm! Antestor's classic, now being re-issued properly with beautiful artwork and photos (inside and out), is a essential for all who march under the holy black metal banner. Get your orders placed before the copies are gone. Black Leather "The New Liberty" Bag Bundle: 20% OFF - RIGHT NOW! For a limited time only, save $10.00 USD (20% off) on this killer limited package deal! *The one-of-a-kind prototype used in the creation of the Black Leather "The New Liberty" Bag Bundle is only available (free) to the next customer who orders the Black Leather Bag Bundle. IF YOU ARE NOT INTO BLACK LEATHER, WE SUGGEST YOU GET INTO IT! IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! FIGHT THE ENEMY

Norway’s metal scene in the early 90’s: During a time when other fellow countrymen and extreme metal fans were occupied with burning down churches and other criminal activities, even including murders, a small group of people with a totally different view of life’s destiny and purpose stood up. Even inspired by the musical aspect of their “brothers”, the so-called black metal movement, these guys were ahead of their time. Hated by the scene and misunderstood by the church, Antestor rehearsed in the underground surrounded by traditional Norwegian

landscape to create a unique and atmospheric sound. Call it black metal if you like. Or “sorrow metal” which is perhaps a better description to the musical as well as the lyrical feeling on “Kongsblod”. Recorded in 1997 and distributed as a promo to metal labels around the world which led to some contact with a certain black metal label, that ended up changing lots of vital elements from the original package as it was intended by the group themselves. BUT here it is 20 years after; this masterpiece of soulful folk black metal re-released with extensive liner notes, original cover picture, logo, and uncensored lyrics.

From the deep forests of Smaland Sweden, comes this melodic death metal duo, perhaps more known from the band Pantokrator. All lyrics are in Swedish, but translations are featured in the booklet. The artwork for the album is beautiful, in-depth and greatly compliments the environment and passion of this album. FINALLY, a Christian band brings the hammer with a more darkened sound, primative, and unapologetic from the northern landscapes. Mysteriously haunting, brutal, intentional, methodical with every note, beat, and instrumention that leaps out at you. Creative and expressive! This is probably better than ANY Pantokrator album produced and sounds more like the bands that are being produced on Eurpoean secular labels to the likes of Krater, Out of the Void, Bhleg, and more. A tremendous album for a new era!

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