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TERRAPHOBIA Limited Edition Vinyl

(Roxx Records) Join us as we celebrate a very unorthodox anniversary this year, but this is a very special one! A special 7th anniversary to an album recorded completely by one man, one man who was a driving force in one of Australia’s most historic death metal bands Mortification for many years before venturing on his own to create this true thrash / death metal masterpiece, the man Mick Jelinic, and the band is his very own side project Terraphobia. While Terraphobia can date back all the way to 1985, it was not until 2011 when the very first full length album EVILUTION would be released, which makes it seven years old this year. Released to critical acclaim this album featured every instrument actually being played and recorded by Mick himself, and he created a masterpiece in the process that is now out of print! Roxx Records in conjunction with Mick Jelinic are very proud to be bringing you a very LIMITED EDITION vinyl pressing of Evilution as the next in our Roxx Records Underground Series appearing as number 8 in this limited series. Being pressed in a limited quantity of only 150 hand numbered pieces on black vinyl, this will surely become a collectors item! Past releases in this series have already sold out and are demanding higher prices, so we suggest you act fast on this one! But that’s not all every single record will also come with a fully replicated limited edition CD pressing that contains 3 additional exclusive bonus tracks! Packaged separately in a 2 panel cardboard sleeve and completely remastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound for both vinyl and this limited edition CD this package will not disappoint! With artwork, layout and design being handled by Scott Waters from No Life Til Metal Graphics and Design. Don’t worry you non- vinyl buyers there is also a handful (less then 100) of CD’s left over if you just want the CD version for your collection! So Join us as we celebrate this very special 7th Anniversary of a classic thrash and death metal masterpiece and rediscover this amazing piece of Christian metal history. Pre Orders are up now and the release date is just around the corner on April 6th 2018. Visit us at for full release details and track listing information.

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