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I must confess that Att Livitunn was an unknown band to me prior to Vision of God Records distributing Kinto in the US, but I picked up the cd and wondered what I'd been missing. Att Livitunn is Guatemala's native thrash metal band and has been grinding out the metal since 1998. The album name Kinto simply refers to this being the band's fifth CD.

The cover art is intriguing to say the least. The scene is a jungle with a Mayan ruin in the background and a strong man at the foreground, but he has horns and black wings and the top of his head is a planter. I've seen another version of the cover that adds a UFO flying over the jungle. My mastery of the Spanish language lacking, I can't say much about the lyrical content, but the "Parental Advisory: Christian Content" sticker on the cover speaks for itself. However, when "Juicio Final" started spinning, I immediately recognized it as an excellent cover of Vengeance Rising's "White Throne."

This band is tight, punching out some bass-heavy thrash with menacing death metal growls for vocals. Their style is a good mix of eras, from 80's roots with frantic soloing, to newer influences, such as Nodes of Ranvier. It looks like there may be 2 different versions of this disc, one with 11 tracks and one with 13. If you are so pig-headed that you can't enjoy metal in another language — stay away, but if you love the international language of metal, then check out this hard hitting band from Central America. I'll certainly be looking for more music from Att Livitunn. 4 stars out of 5 (Lament Records)

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