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Punk Band PETER118 Sign With New Label

The Metal Onslaught:

On a early Thursday evening I was spending time with my very good and close friend Peter Field last week Vocalist/Guitarist of Peter118 as we were about to record his hard music radio show "Altern8" on Access Radio based in Stoke-On-Trent that I just recently became a co-host of since this month 2018.

We would talk and chat about labels, music, industry and ministry. Plus the immediate news of the demise of Thumper Punk Records that was the home of Peter118 since day one, that only a week or so ago announced it's long term hiatus. The question still remains with the 30 plus Punk Bands without a label or otherwise, that has other labels hungry and ready to reap the monopoly that Thumper Punk had from bands all over the world between 2008-2018.

Much interest has been shown by labels such as Rottweiler Records which in all honesty has always wanted to be a punk label, Indie Vision Music with their Tooth & Nail Records type of hold of up and coming music in the hard music scene and with smaller labels like Raven Faith Records and others that are looking for the opportunity to show their craft and wares to the listeners that make Punk exactly what it is.

You might all think that I'm rambling on but, giving you the foundations of what is to come for Peter118.

From the beginning way back in 2012. Peter Field had a focus, a destiny that to this day has been growing at an alarming rate. With his passion for Punk Rock back in his teens especially when Green Day hit the mainstream market, Peter was with the band Senseless before he became a Christian in 2005. Since, then Peter has been very active getting his passion and music in order with his association with InPresence Records, United Kingdom which is now only with an artistic and social media basis side of the band, Peter118 are in their strongest position yet. The band featuring his wife Janine Szczepanski (Bass Guitar), Alisha Palmer (Guitar/Background Vocals) and Sam Critchley (Drums).

Featuring in the Sunset Strip mega celebrity Rodney Bingenheimer's Christmas album last year on vinyl who is best known for his friendships with late Elvis Presley, David Bowie and many people in the entertainment business Rodney had grown a great fondness for the Stoke-On-Trent band.

Through all the current success Peter118 have grown and grown in favor with the secular world and with the will of God, we are proud to announce that Peter118 are now signed to Raven Faith Records, owned by Kelly Turney the bass player for Punk band The Bricks.

Raven Faith Records are a label with potential and know how, even with the small label representation they are at the moment I envision them to be a powerhouse in today Punk Rock society. Oi,Oi,Oi...... You got it. Peter118 are about to release a Live album through Raven Faith Records which was scheduled for Thumper Punk Records mid/late in 2017 in August.

Not only are Raven Faith Records financing and releasing the full Live album, but they are also releasing all the existing E.P's on one pressing. Impressive??? Tune in now, to the best that is yet to come for Peter118!!

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