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Deliverance are pleased to announce they are working with Roxx Records and 3 Frogz Records, to officially release their brand new album, 'The Subversive Kind,’ on February 23rd, 2018. Hailing from Los Angeles, the band is comprised of members Jimmy Brown (founding member, lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Glenn Rogers (original member, lead/rhythm guitar), Victor Macias (formerly of Tourniquet, bass), and Jim Chaffin (formerly of the Crucified, drums), with guest lead guitar work by Greg Minier (formerly of the Crucified, guitars). "After so many years touring and recording I was honored to be asked back in Deliverance,” says Rogers. "We have unfinished business, and with ‘The Subversive Kind’ coming out I hope the fans will rediscover what Big D is all about." 'The Subversive Kind' is a true return to form for these Christian thrash pioneers, boosting 8 brand new tracks that truly bring the thrash back. Bill Bafford of Roxx Records had this to say about the new partnership — “We are very excited to once again be partnering with 3 Frogz, Jimmy Brown and Deliverance to bring you this awesome new thrash release. The fans that have been requesting a 'Weapons part 2’ will be ecstatic with this new release." And the results speak for themselves, as evidenced by the newly unveiled lyric video for one of the album’s standout tracks, “The Black Hand”:

“’The Black Hand’ was one of the first tunes Jimmy and I hashed out together,” says Chaffin. “His articulation of what a panic attack feels like it was spot on. Mental illness is a major problem in our country and I’m stoked to be able to give people some hope through music.” “Anxiety has not only been a hot button issue, but a condition that is still being studied to understand,” adds Brown. “’The Black Hand’ is a vivid description of vitals, and emotions experienced in part by a person when going through such an experience.” Lastly, Brown says he couldn’t be happier with the band’s current line-up. “After 33 years, the band has evolved and morphed throughout, but has returned to the roots of why we started doing this years ago! The current lineup is a dream come true for me, and we can’t wait to bring it live.” Visit and sign up on the email list to hear all the latest news as it becomes available. Visit Deliverance at ‘THE SUBVERSIVE KIND’ TRACKLISTING: CD VERSION 1. Bring 'Em Down 2. Concept of the Other 3. Center of it All 4. The Black Hand 5. Epilogue 6. Listen Closely 7. The Subversive Kind 8. The Fold VINYL VERSION Side A: 1. Bring 'Em Down 2. Concept of the Other 3. Center of it All 4. The Black Hand Side B: 5. Epilogue 6. Listen Closely 7. The Subversive Kind 8. The Fold Collectors are also in luck - several different configurations are available for pre-order:

-Red Vinyl (Limited to 150) $27.99

-Black Vinyl (Limited to 200) $21.99

-CD Version Special Price $9.99

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