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Rainbow Rock Festival 2018

RAINBOW ROCK FESTIVAL 2018 Rainbow Rock is a Metal Festival organized by CMI (Christian Metalheads International). The Festival takes place 6-7 April 2018 and has a lineup with bands from Europe and USA. The venue is Arena Satelliten in Sollentuna, Stockholm, Sweden.

Lineup ONE BAD PIG (Punk) USA HOLY BLOOD (Viking Metal) UKRAINE Hilastherion (Death Metal) FINLAND Parakletos (Black Metal) FINLAND Northern Flame (Melodic Metal) FINLAND Waiting for Ravens (Indie Hard Core) USA Spyker (Thrash Core)THE NETHERLANDS Peter 118 (Melodic Punk) UNITED KINGDOM

Adorned Graves (Thrash Metal) GERMANY Flukt (Black Metal) NORWAY Poltinmerkki (Industrial Metal) FINLAND Proclaim (Melodic Punk) THE NETHERLANDS Rifferspock (Alternative Rock) UNITED KINGDOM Veritas Infinita (Symphonic Gothic) THE NETHERLANDS

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