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SHADOW PUNCHER Releases Album Cover and Details for the Upcoming Album on Nosral Recordings

Shadow Puncher has some exciting new stuff coming this way! The one man project, run by Kevin Oelstoeren, has been working hard on their new album, coming through Nosral Recordings, and have revealed their brand new artwork for their upcoming self titled album.

Shadow Puncher has been around since 2016, releasing three different things; two EPs titled The Path of Challenges and No Despair, and an album, The Throne of Justice and Love. A few months ago, in October, the band signed to Nosral Recordings and began working on his new album.

The art was designed by Timon Kokott (Fallen Walls), who has also designed art for FreaKings, Cross Vault and In Fury, and might I say, he did a spectacular job. Knowing what Kevin's vision was for the artwork, I don't think Timon could have brought that to life any better than that!

The album is in it's final processes; it is currently being mixed. Luke Dinan of Children of Wrath has been toiling away at the tracks, with his company DinaSound. The album will hopefully be released in February of 2018.

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