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Living Sacrifice to Play 2 European Festivals This Weekend

The mighty LIVING SACRIFICE have confirmed they will play the following thirteen songs at their November 2017 shows in Germany on Nov. 3 (Blast of Eternity Festival) and the Netherlands on Nov. 4 (Brainstorm Festival). Posted below is the final song order. Listen to the songs in this YouTube playlist or this Spotify playlist (both also include the Re-Recorded 2014 version of “Something More”). Read along with the song lyrics below and learn these words!

  1. In Christ — (off "In Memoriam", 2005)

  2. The Reaping — (off "Ghost Thief", 2013)

  3. Something More — (off "Reborn", 1997)

  4. Symbiotic — (off "Conceived in Fire", 2002)

  5. Hand of the Dead — (off "The Hammering Process", 2000)

  6. Flatline — (off "The Hammering Process", 2000)

  7. Ghost Thief — (off "Ghost Thief", 2013)

  8. Not My Own — (off "The Hammering Process", 2000)

  9. Imminent War — (off "Conceived in Fire", 2002)

  10. Local Vengeance Killing — (off "The Hammering Process", 2000)

  11. Bloodwork — (off "The Hammering Process", 2000)

  12. Reborn Empowered — (off "Reborn", 1997)

  13. Reject — (off "Reborn", 1997)

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