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GALACTIC COWBOYS - New Track "Zombies"

GALACTIC COWBOYS Streaming “Zombies” Track From Upcoming Long Way Back To The Moon Album

Music Theories Recordings/Mascot Label Group recently announced the signing of 90’s progressive metal adventurers, Galactic Cowboys, who return with the original lineup and their first album in 17 years. Long Way Back To The Moon will be released on November 17th, and you can hear the album track “Zombies” below.

Has it really been 17 years? Time just flew by. Galactic Cowboys has always been a musical enigma. Hailing from Houston, Texas, the band combined melodic thrash, progressive metal, Beatlesque harmonies and a quirky sense of humour into a genre of its own creation.

Between 1991 and 2000, the Cowboys released a string of highly acclaimed albums, such as Space In Your Face and The Horse That Bud Bought. Their first time around, though, they were the right band at exactly the wrong time. On this outing, they shoot for the moon again, and celebrate the journey back.

Their most notable fan-base became other musicians - an exclusive club that included other 1990s musical misanthropes such as Jellyfish, King’s X, and Kevin Gilbert. Reflecting both the musicality and diversity of the band, Galactic Cowboys toured primarily with two music legends, Anthrax and Dream Theater, reflecting the Cowboy’s versatility.

Pre-order the new album now.


“In The Clouds” “Internal Masquerade” “Blood In My Eyes” “Next Joke” “Zombies” “Drama” “Amisarewas” “Hate Me” “Losing Ourselves” “Agenda” “Long Way Back To The Moon” “Believing The Hype” (Bonus Track) “Say Goodbye To Utopia” (Bonus Track)


"Internal Masquierade" video:

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