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DELIVERANCE - Camelot in Smithereens Deluxe ReDux

Friends of Deliverance given the opportunity to contribute and participate in the re making and re recording of the conceptual album Camelot in Smithereens. Originally released in 1995. This ReDux will feature ALL voice-overs, plot and story-line, physical book, and other items for this special release.

Jimmy P Brown II announces for the first time, you as a friend of Deliverance will hear and experience the original concept as it was originally intended to release:
  • The Camelot in Smithereens Story with Book Release and All Sonic Theatrics.

  • This Album's message was lost in the original release, but can now be realized for the Friends of Deliverance to Hear and Experience the story of Lindsey.

  • This campaign will fully complete the story with a Full Re Record as originally conceived.

  • This will be a limited release to the Crowd Funders for this project.

Be a part - CLICK HERE to fund this TODAY!

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