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Death Requisite — Revisitation

I can't say enough good things about this symphonic death metal band from the swamp lands of Florida. Death Requisite was a band from 1999-2005, took a break and has been back since 2010. Jeremy Thurmond, formerly of Metal Helm, turned me onto their demos Prophets of Doom (2011) and Second Death (2013) and I gave Second Death a sterling review in either HM or Heaven's Metal, whatever name we were called at the time. Looks like things have only gone onward and skyward for the boys since then. Revisitation is their full length debut for Rottweiler Records and they've only gotten tighter and that much more impressive. Vincent Saint James' deep throaty growls and the meaty death metal guitars play counterpoint to what sounds like a full-on movie soundtrack symphony. The album is 7 songs long, with the last track "Recapitulation" being a long playing instrumental of only the dark symphony music- and it is an auditory smorgasboard for the ears. Flawless stuff, from the music, to the artwork, and even the band's logo. This is a band to watch! (Rottweiler Records) 4 stars out of 5

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