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Hymns of the Blackest Light, Vol. 1

Compilations can be hit or miss sometimes, but here is one that is spot on. Organized by Fallen

Oak Recording (Vials of Wrath), Hymns of the Blackest Light is a loose collection of extreme metal worship songs. Styles are varied, from black and death metal to drone and atmospheric, and even a couple thrash/ speed metal tunes thrown in. A few of the bands are known, such as O, Majestic Winter, Blood Thirsty, Corpse, and a new tune from Vials of Wrath, but even many of the hereto unknowns are worthy of your attention. The highlight of the album is from Slovakian black metal band Ohen with their song "Valley of Dry Bones." The eclectic Amelioration's "All Hail the Administrator" sounds like Blessed by a Broken Heart, if they took up electronica and black metal simultaneously. Timoratus just signed with Christian Metal Underground Records. The Slave Eye and Stormsinger put in memorable speedy contributions. And of course, Vials of Wrath has already established itself as a master in the realm of black metal worship music. With stellar nighttime forest themed artwork, this disc could be the perfect mood music for contemplating the holy scriptures or for prayer for the metal at heart. There were only a limited number of cds printed, but you can still purchase the downloads at various christian metal merchants. (Fallen Oak Recording). 4 out of 5 stars

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