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Spirit And The Bride releases new album “Dry Bones”

Today is the release of “Dry Bones”, the new full-length album from Cincinnati, Ohio, based Spirit and the Bride. Dry Bones explodes with spirit-filled, old school hardcore with both metalcore and punk influences. Each song deals with spiritual matters, from being in the Bloodline of Christ ("Bloodline"), to praying for the heavens to open ("Open Heavens"), to the epiphany of the thief on the cross. The album has a spiritual progression throughout -- one of hope, redemption and love. God provided a way for us to rid ourselves of self-hatred, and this album explores all aspects of the journey. Spirit and the Bride features Josh Simmons (vocals), Adam Simmons (drums), Jeremiah Medley (bass), and Josh Summerville (guitar). Dry Bones includes special guest appearances by Nick Detty from Wolves at the Gate (song Dead Men), and Zack McKim from Take it Back! / Paperweight (song Jesus Wept). Facebook:

CDs are available through the OnTheAttack Records webstore, and digital downloads are available at iTunes and the usual commercial retailers. OnTheAttack Records ( began in the Bronx in 2005, and moved to California in 2013. Same heavy music… Same uplifting message.

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