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Glory to the Heroes marks the return of Ukraine's celebrated folk metal band Holy Blood. The band's style and even band members have changed almost every album, keeping fans on the edge of their toes, trying to guess what will happen next. On their last album Day of Vengeance, the band was down to Fedor Byzilevich, the mainman himself, and had stripped away all folk elements of the band, for a one man primitive black metal showing. Happily, with the Glory to the Heroes ep, Fedor returns with a full band again and brings back the folk metal the band is known for. The sound has progressed. There is really nothing of black metal about them anymore, replaced with a slower paced power metal or thrash sound with a heavily distorted bass, a prominent flute or recorder, the occasional guitar solo, and vocals like the chanting of monks and well placed shouts. Of the 5 songs, 2 are awesome rocking instrumentals "Primary Rus" with an orchestra sound, and "Sophia of Kiev" with bagpipes and flute. The 3 songs with vocals all reference a battle theme and fighting for the Lord. The EP is all too short, but leaves me wanting more. 4 out of 5 stars. (Vision of God Records)

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