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Mashiaj- Perdedor

Mashiaj is the name of this band of young thrashers from Caracas, Venezuela. Perdedor - or "loser" is the name of their 5 song ep. The band follows very closely the 80's thrash metal sound of non-Big Four bands like Overkill and Testament and executes it well. "Basta ya de Callar" boasts some fierce riffing. Vocals on the ep differ from their influences in that the singer uses a shouted punk approach like Black Leather and the lyrics are all in Spanish. "Muerte Eterna" starts with the singer imitating the guitar and drum sounds before the band kicks in. The first of the 5 songs is an interesting instrumental intro, so the body of the disc is very short, but enough to whet the appetite for more from this band. (Lament Records) 3 out of 5 stars

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