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INDIEGOGO: Demoniciduth New Album - Enemy of Satan

Demoniciduth have a new Indiegogo fund raiser in support of their new full length release, Enemy of Satan. Demoniciduth is a Christian Extreme Metal band born in 1998 in Lausanne, Switzerland. They have released several records independently over the years and have had the opportunity to play the first edition of the Elements of Rock Fest along bands such as Immortal Souls, Drottnar, Slechtvalk, Frosthardr and Sacrificium.

ENEMY OF SATAN will be our first full-length album since our existence as a band, back in 1998. More importantly, this is our first release as a Switzerland/Ecuador collaboration! It demanded much work and confidence in each other. By God's grace, we believe this to be our most professional and brutal material ever! We believe improvements were made at each level: the music, the lyrics, the sound quality as well as the cover artwork & design represent no doubt a tremendous leap forward!

Demoniciduth reached a turning point in 2012 with the arrival of Lord Ekklektus on guitars and Sir Krino on drums, We started writing new songs, which we played live as well. And in February 2015, we recorded six new songs as well as a revised version of Megiddo Massacre (2001) and Dogs of Antichrist (2003). For professional reasons, Sir Krino had to decline so we recorded the drums with a brutal session drummer later in September. Totaling 8 songs, Enemy of Satan will be our first full-length album and our most brutal material ever!



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