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The Devil Wears Prada - TRANSIT BLUES

Each album or EP from the quirky metalcore crew The Devil Wears Prada always promises something new and different for the listener. Transit Blues, like some of TDWP's other works, represents not so much a concept album about the weariness of a band's life on the road, but a loose collection of songs like "Worldwide," "Flyover States," and "Transit Blues" that set the mood for the disc. This time around, the band channels the chaos of Norma Jean with the angst of early mewithoutYou, while vocalist Mike Hranica screams, pleads, and croons his case for social issues like gun violence and equality. However, the listener need not buy into what Hranica says to fully enjoy the CD. Digging on the crazy progressive elements of songs like "Praise Poison" is just as much fun or more than trying to decipher what the guys have to say. TDWP continues to be one of the best bands in this crowded genre, always pushing the envelope and progressing as a band. 4 stars out of 5 (Rise Records)

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