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Take 2 Productions Launch Kickstarter for Broken Records 20 Year Reunion Show

Not exactly heavy metal, but anyone that's heard that last few Undercover albums knows they are heavy - Jane's Addiction heavy.

Undercover, The Altar Boys, Crumbacher, The Choir, 441. In 2005, these bands reunited to play a show and acknowledge a time 20 years earlier when they all released albums on a small label out of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, Broken Records. It was a time that would forever change the face of Christian Music.

Long before Switchfoot, Underoath, Third Day, and Skillet, these artists were stretching the limits placed on them by an industry seemingly unable to move forward. They broke through, broke out, and ripped apart the standards that are to this day still being BROKEN!

As fans from back in the day began to respond positively to the idea of seeing these five bands perform together again, Take 2 Productions decided to capture this once-in-a-lifetime event on video. After the show, they also realized that interviewing each band member and full band would be a great addition to the concert footage. So they did that as well.

It’s rare to find a project like this one. Five bands, 20+ band members, fans and friends alike, gathering to not only celebrate the nostalgia of what once was, but also of what they had become. With nearly four hours of music, commentary and interview footage, this DVD will be a treasure to own.

Join Take 2 Productions for the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to release the DVD of unprecedented performances never before seen like this. Listen to, and watch, the pioneers who created a genre and laid the foundation of today’s Christian alternative music.

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