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Skillet in Puerto Rico

September 10 · · Taken at Tito Puente Amphitheatre

Truly, this has been tremendous event ever seen in Puerto Rico! Bea Music, After bringing the historical event of Stryper & Petra, has brought for the first time on the Island of Enchantment, Skillet. The band coming from Memphis, Tennessee, has launched with its presentation of the Unleased Tour on Saturday 10 September 2016 at the Tito Puente Amphitheater Luis Munoz Marin Park in San Juan. The event began with two Puerto Rican bands, the youth band, Dragon Five, and Puerto Rican Christian Metal band recognized in Latin America, Sacrosent. Later at 9:00 P.M. as He began Skillet with the participation of cellist Tate Olsen, who started playing at the beginning of the concert with the song Whispers In The Dark, and audience will not stop singing from beginning to end all the songs that the band was playing that night or I do not. Ha! And best of all is that John Cooper (singer, bassist and leader of Skillet) was not ashamed to mention the name of Jesus Christ, but the audience was thrilled by that and especially was built by the Holy Spirit in every word and every song. That until John told the Puerto Rican public there present, "Puerto Rico !!!!! You're so Loud !!!!!!!!" Because the truth we boricuas are very noisy. In the sense that we are very joyful. Skillet played songs like: 1. "Whispers In The Dark" 2. "Forsaken" 3. "Sick Of It" 4. "Rise" 5. "Better Than Drugs" 6. "Feel Invincible" 7. "Those Nights" 8. "Awake And Alive" 9. "Hero" 10. "Not Gonna Die" 11. "Back From The Dead" 12. "It's Not You, It's Me" 13. "Stars" 14. "Comatose" ENCORE: 15. "Monster" 16. "Rebirthing" In the encore when they played the song Monster, John proudly showed the Puerto Rican public, the flag of Puerto Rico with the logo of Skillet in the middle. The Puerto Rican fans were delighted with this show of affection that made John part of the group Skillet show our flag as a symbol of love for Puerto Rico. What a bless! Indeed, it has been a memorable musical event. To be the first time that comes to Puerto Rico Skillet has been cool! Hopefully this will be repeated in the near future. You can also watch videos that I took and other videos taken by others in my YouTube channel, accessing this link:

In the photos of the concert, there are 90 pictures that are mine. Other photos belong to others who took, I decided to pick them up to put them on my album too. ROCK ON (FOR JESUS)!!!!!! OH YEAH! :) Facebook Pages: Skillet Music Skillet en Puerto Rico Skillet en Latinoamérica

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