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Indominus, rising up from the remains from Irish death metal act previously known as For Christ’s Sake, has unleashed a new five song EP upon us. Entitled Legion Within those looking for a soundtrack to the apocalypse have found it.

The first thing I noticed upon listening was the much improved production value over the release of the previous incarnation. Greater definition and clarity without losing the intensity and heaviness of the guitars or the vocals and the drums aren’t buried in the mix either!

The guitar work Cochrane & McKee is quite impressive as they deliver grinding riffs with solid technical ability. Alan Duddy’s vocal delivery varies between guttural growls and mid range wails that emphasize bombardment and power. The rhythm section of Glascow and Payne is tight and punchy.

Death metal with power and technical ability is on display here. Five songs of pure sonic fury that is over almost as soon as it starts. The promotional material emphasize comparisons between Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation on the musical end I’d agree, however the vocal distinction can’t be ignored. That’s not a bad thing just different. This is not metal core, but brutal crushing death metal that is destined to you places, dont drive and listen at the same time as you might just break every speed limit in the county!

If you want hyper speed death metal with strong musical chops the new EP from Indominus on Roxx Records is a winner. Grab a copy of Legion Within from the usual online retailers or the Roxx Records website.

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