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Spiderfence - S/T

Do you remember Randy Kerkman? He wielded his six-string in the brilliant Christian rock band In 3D. Kerkman then fronted the grungy and much-acclaimed Yonderboy, a band with heavy riffs and hooks aplenty. He’s been involved with plenty of other projects, but for the last several years he’s concentrated on producing various artists and playing guitar for his wife, Beki Hemingway. There’s another name to remember—she has had quite a solo career as a rock/pop artist and has a powerful, demanding voice few can match, along with an impressive musical resume.

Recently, after way too long of a departure for music-loving ears, Kerkman decided to record another project of his own. He came up with the name Spiderfence for the new sonic adventure. And, you know what, it worked exceedingly well. The three songs that make up the EP ring with what makes guitar-based radio-friendly heavy rock so good: room-filling guitars, loud drumming, solid bass parts, and a seasoned voice made for such tunes. He took his time with the guitar tones, mixing, and production and it shows. Scott Kerr (Five Iron Frenzy, Yellow Second) and drummer Smiley (Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros, Robbie Williams, the Alarm) both contribute and add allure to an already ear-demanding trio of tunes. To purchase the Spiderfence EP, just go to the Bandcamp site: You won’t be disappointed. And be sure to catch Randy Kerkman on the road with Beki Hemingway as they travel the country. -Chris Callaway

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