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BLOOD COVENANT: Extreme Symphonic Black Metal for the Masses

Blood Covenant is an extreme metal band you need to hear. Damian Blade (aka Steve Moffitt) contacted frontman Segor for the following interview, which delves far beyond their symphonic black metal.

When did Blood Covenant begin as a band? Blood Covenant band was established in June 2001.

What is the metal scene like in Armenia? There are a very few metal bands in Armenia, and Christian band is only our one.

What bands have influenced Blood Covenant? Please include Christian bands and non-Christian bands. Christian bands are Antestor, Extol and Slechtvalk. And just musically non-Christian bands are Dimmu Borgir & Emperor.

What bands have influenced you personally? Please include Christian bands and non-Christian bands Christian bands are Antestor, Extol and Slechtvalk. And just musically non-Christian bands are Dimmu Borgir & Emperor.

Has it been difficult to be in a band that plays the kind of music you do? If so, how has it been difficult? I like this kind of music that is why it is not difficult for me.

Who are the other members of Blood Covenant? The members of Blood Covenant are the following: Segor – Vocal/Guitar, composer Garegin – Drums, symphonic stuff, composer Armen – Bass Hasmik - Keys

What other bands have you shared a stage with? Many bands from Russia, Iran, Armenia, Italy, France and Georgia, Like ‘Sadist’, ‘Gorod’, and others, I don’t remember all of them.

How many albums has Blood Covenant recorded? Tell me about the DVD. We have 3 studio albums and one DVD (Live in Yerevan) The day of Lord – 2003 The blood of the new Covenant – 2007 Sign of Tme – 2011 Live in Yerevan DVD – 2011

Being in a country that borders Iran, does the tension between Christians and Muslims affect your music or the music of other bands? There is no tension between our countries, especially with Iran, we are friends with them. There is no negative affect on our music from their side.

What do you think the biggest misconception Westerners have about your country? I don’t know. Let us ask them that question.

Do your lyrics reflect social issues or the history of your country, such as the Armenian genocide that happened in the early 1900s? Our lyrics are only Biblical, there is no reflect social issues or history.

Who is your favorite singer? Favorite guitarist? My favorite singer is John Schlitt from Petra, guitarist is Rex Carroll.

You have also recorded some solo albums under the name Segor. What inspired you to do something outside of Blood Covenant? Do you play all the instruments on the Segor albums? I tried in my solo album to do more progressive music, beside Blood Covenant. Yes, all instruments in Segor albums are by me.

How would you describe the music of Blood Covenant? Extreme symphonic black metal band

How would you describe the music of Segor? Progressive melodic death/black metal

Your name sounds more Russian than Armenian? Are you originally from Russia, or is there a lot of mixture of different nationalities in Armenia because of the different countries that border Armenia? I’m Scottish. I was born in Armenia

You are also involved in church worship music. Are you influenced by western worship music, such as Jesus Culture, Bethel, Hillsong? What are your worship music influences and what is your role in your church's worship band? Yes, I’m one of the worship leaders in ‘Word of Life’ church in Armenia. I play in style of Bethel music in my worship band.

You Skype with Rex Carroll of Whitecross for guitar lessons. What is that like? Rex Carroll is my favorite Christian guitar player, I started to listen to Whitecross music when I was 12 years old, and this year in April my dream came true, I had 2 beautiful lessons with my guitar hero Rex Carroll.

Your music is very different from Whitecross, but they are a big influence on you personally. What do Whitecross mean to you?? Whiecross is classic Heavy Metal for all the time for me, and Rex’s solo parts are brilliant.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about you or about Blood Covenant? Now we are working on the new Blood Covenant album, one song called “Sodomic Error” is already ready. You may check it on youtube. And I would like to tell you something from my heart. ‘Stay with Jesus, keep your faith, and preach the Gospel all of the world. Let the name of Jesus Christ be lifted high forever!’

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