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Ultimatum - HEART OF METAL


Heart of Metal: 20 Years of Ultimatum

Usually when you throw a birthday party all your friends bring you presents, but for this package, the fans get all the gifts. There is a single disc available by this title. It contains a best of Ultimatum with new artwork, songs from each album, new tracks, and newly remixed tracks for a whopping 18 track beatdown by the thrash metal juggernaut.

Now if you purchased the limited run of 100 boxed sets (and I'm guessing they are GONE), you also received the Roxx reissue of Puppet of Destruction, Before the Pit - a lengthy disc of outtakes, demos, and alternative cuts from the Into the Pit recordings, a live DVD including the Extreme Mardigras show from 2002, the Up From the Ashes 3 show from 2010, and other footage innumerable. Also included are a sticker of the new Heart of Metal artwork, patch (for your denim), signed guitar pick, autographed band pictures, and other goodies, all packaged in keepsake black box with silver writing, hand numbered 1- 100.

The killer boxed set party favor may be gone, but if you are an Ult fan, you can still pick up the 20 Years single disc or a t-shirt at and celebrate 20 years of metal with the band.[Roxx Records] Chris Gatto.

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