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COME TO PASS Release Debut Album

Come to Pass Releases Debut Album “Revelation 6:1-17”

Come to Pass, the slamming death metal project based out of Virginia, has officially released their debut album, Revelation 6:1-17, through their label, The Bearded Dragon Productions. The release, which had been re-recorded after the release of single that was the wrong version, would have been set to release earlier but because of setbacks, the release had been delayed.

The album, focusing on the end times outlined within the Bible, specifically Revelation (6:1-17), describes the destruction of man and Earth alike, with the artwork showing the deaths of many people by an unknown creature.

Come to Pass, who began in 2018, originated in Virginia as a three-piece band of brothers, though eventually became a solo project consisting solely of Nick Wiser. The project carried on and released an EP, Amongst Plagues, through The Bearded Dragon Productions.

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