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Official Launch of No Life Til Metal Records, Logo Shirts, New MASS CD

Welcome to the official launch of No Life Til Metal Records- the online store and Metal Distro right now! Brought to you by Bill Roxx and Ultimatum screamer, former Heaven's Metal scribe, and a man knowlegeable in all things heavy metal- the one, the only Scott Waters!

Featuring an exclusive new pre order for the brand new MASS album, a few cool distro titles and all of the official NLTM split releases with Roxx and the first full official release form Primal!

We have some cool new exclusive NLTM titles in the works right now also! So stay tuned!

But until then visit us at the new online store:

or the official facebook page at:

Brand new album from MASS for 2018? Why yes! And it’s very good actually pre-orders start shipping today!

Glenn Rogers of Deliverance sporting his NoLifeTilMetal shirt. Want one? We still have s few in stock.

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