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Prayers for Bertrand of Random Hero, Who Broke His Wrist On Stage Last Night

I had the pleasure of attending the City Rockfest show last night in Mannheim, PA with my whole family, getting to see killer music sets from As We Ascend, The Protest, Spoken, Random Hero, Seventh Day Slumber, and Disciple. Our whole family loved all the bands, especially my youngest autistic son, who just loves all the sensory input from the lights, pyros, and metal chaos. If you have the chance to check out a date on the remainder of this hard hitting music and hard hitting ministry tour, please do so- it is well worth your while.

An unfortunate accident happened last night during Random Hero's set. Joshua Bertrand was playing guitar, when his riser slipped out from under his feet and he fell, injuring his wrist, face, and shin. The following update is taken from the band's Facebook page:

"Update on Bertrand, after x-rays were done they discovered he broke his wrist, he’s in good spirits and lots of pain, please keep praying for healing over him. He’s our brother and one tough son of a gun! We’ll be having some pretty rad guest fill ins for the remainder of the tour, so come hang!"

Random Hero's set ended abruptly after the accident, but Bertrand appeared back before the end of the night and my daughter and I were able to pray for healing in his wrist. As any musicians would know, you need your hands to play guitar, and both Random Hero and Bertrand's family's livelihoods could suffer from this setback. How many of you know that God is still in the business of miracles? Please continue to pray with me for a miraculous healing for Bertrand's wrist, and if you see the big hairy guy out on tour in the near future, please show him some love and hospitality. Amen.

"Please keep @JoshuaBertrand from Random Hero in your prayers. He broke his wrist last night after a nasty fall. We go hard out here! These bands give everything they’ve got every single night. Also, Kevin Young from Disciple has been struggling to keep his voice. Lives are being changed and God is moving every single night out here! On behalf of all of the bands on the City Rockfest Tour thank you for your prayers and your support!!"

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