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2 Kekal Albums Re-issued in Double-CD + More News

Embrace The Dead (1999) and 1000 Thoughts of Violence (2003) albums to be re-issued as a double-CD package!

New Track release + discussion with Jeff.

October 2017.

It is October, and there's a reason to get excited. This month, we shall see a double-CD re-issue of BOTH Embrace The Dead and 1000 Thoughts of Violence albums, all in ONE package! This is not a joke! Read more details below...

BREAKING NEWS: Double-CD re-mastered re-issue of Embrace The Dead & 1000 Thoughts of Violence!

The great folks at Indonesia's leading extreme metal record label HITAM KELAM Records will be releasing a special edition double-CD of those two monumental Kekal albums, which were originally released in 1999 and 2003. This physical product will be released on the 25th of October, completely re-mastered in 2017 for your listening pleasure.

Price is $13 USD (or IDR 75,000 for orders within Indonesia). Shipping cost extra.

For more information on the mail-order and shipping costs, email directly to the label at or visit their website

Online order will be available. Link will be posted upon release date. Visit Kekal Facebook page to get the latest updates.

NEWS #2: Another brand-new track from upcoming 2018 album "Deeper Underground" is now available for free download, lossless audio download and streaming!


Go to this ReverbNation link then just click/tap the download button/icon there to download the track for free (audio format is mp3 VBR). Otherwise, the track is streamable online.

Buy digital from Bandcamp (many choices of audio formats incl. hi-bitrate mp3 and lossless FLAC, ALAC)

Go to this Bandcamp link and buy the track for USD 0.7. This option is ideal if you are planning to download all the next tracks and automatically, the entire album in lossless quality audio (FLAC, ALAC) or hi-bitrate mp3. If you purchased all of these first 5 tracks of Deeper Underground (there are 5 tracks available already), you will be given the code to download the entire album at no additional cost, once the album is released in 2018.

The track is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial + NoDerivatives (CC-BY-NC-ND), means that it is free to download, free to use and free to re-distribute as-is.

Spread the message! Share the Bandcamp download and ReverbNation free download links to your friends (or enemies)!

News #3: Conversation with Jeff about the process of making "Deeper Underground" album.

Kekal's upcoming album, the band's 11th studio album, has progressed halfway with 5 songs already released so far. We had a chat with Jeff again, talking about the creative process behind the work of the album, the lyrical themes, and how he feels about the album as a whole.

Check out the conversation on Facebook.

Visit to download 4 Kekal albums for free.

Stay tuned for the next track! Thank you. Like Kekal on Facebook & follow Kekal on SoundCloud and Twitter.

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